Staying Proactive Yield Better Results and Achieve Definite Success

‘Showcase initiative towards the work, and demonstrate self-motivated and a confident attitude’. I fully agree with the statement and truly follow in my professional life. I am Shamit Khemka, the founder of SynapseIndia. I have always in the habit of giving more than is required at the workplace. This particular quality helps to nourish professional talent, skill, and development.
For all the professionals out there, it is like a learning factor to behave proactively towards work. Take an initiative to have additional responsibilities, take on different roles, welcome the challenges, receive feedback, and correct all the mistakes. Once you start doing all these things, you will slowly realize the taste of success and recognition.
I also like to share the idea of speaking up, what you feel about a particular work process. Sharing ideas and valuable comments are also part of initiative insight. Now, stop thinking and start acting.

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