Why Effective Communication Is So Important for Organizations

We live in the age of communication. Phone calls, text messages, emails, social media, and other forms of communication awash our lives. Hence communication largely determines what kind of lifestyle we maintain. Same is true for a commercial organization. Prosperity and failure of an organization can be often attributed to its communication strategy.

Organizational communication is defined as a process through which activities of the organization are conveyed and coordinated to reach the common organizational goals. Communication is a central part of effective management in a professional setting.

Broadly, organizational communication can be divided into internal and external. Internal communication in organizations cover all types and means. It may include emails, meetings, and informal conversations through which information is passed. The flow of information is usually up, down, and across the network of employees, managers, and senior-level executives.

External communication comprises the other important half of the pie of organizational communication. Customer relationship, marketing, social media, press releases, and all such forms are external communication. Business enterprises need to manage both internal and external communications to smoothly run operations and management processes.

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Shamit Khemka
(Founder, SynapseIndia)