Shamit Khemka: What do you know about CSR?

Shamit Khemka, the founder of SynapseIndia strongly believes in helping others on a huge scale. I think I am one of the fortunate and blessed ones who are there in the position to help people. Being an entrepreneur, I think it is my duty towards the society.

The term “CSR” or “Corporate Social Responsibility” has different meanings to different people. For example, CSR activities are corporate initiatives to take some social responsibility and impact on social welfare. This information is theoretically true but for few people like me, CSR is beyond me and my company’s responsibilities. Some work is heartfelt. It is important, if you do something, do that from your heart else do not do it.

So, CSR basically means your responsibilities for the society, but I say that it is your love and affection towards the society. As an organization, if I am associated with anything, it will be heartfelt and beyond responsibility.

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Shamit Khemka
(Founder, SynapseIndia)