Bad business feedback can be managed with ORM

While positive words may take their own good time to reach out to the people, negativity has wings and it flies like anything. Through word of mouth, negative feedback and bad business feedback online, your brand/ business image may get destroyed by just a few bad words coming from your dissatisfied customers, clients and business rivals.

The impact of negative words about your business in the USA or elsewhere can, sometimes, be so harsh that you may find it nearly impossible to convince your potential customers about having faith in your business/ brand. Sometimes, you may have to lose your existing customers as well to the negative and bad business feedback because people, often, trust what they see, read or hear. However, with effective online reputation management, it is now possible for businesses to get rid of false, bad business feedback and replace the same with positive and genuine feedback online.

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Shamit Khemka
(Founder, SynapseIndia)

Remove negative and poor ratings about your hotel from TripAdvisor, MakeMyTrip, etc.

Competition is tough in almost all industries today hotel industry is no different in this regard. And, decisions of people are largely influenced by what they see, read or hear from other reliable sources.

While earlier (means before Internet became so popular), people relied more on word of mouth and authentic reviews from people to decide on their If you own a hotel and are worried about the negative ratings it has got from a handful few unhappy customers, you must take the help of a professional reputation management company like SynapseInteractive to help you get rid of these negative ratings and replace them with positive ones.

The impact of poor ratings can be huge on your business. People these days rely on the Internet and reviews on various travel websites, such as MakeMyTrip, TripAdvisor, etc, can influence their decisions.

If you have positive ratings on these sites, you can get more customers but, with negative ratings, you may have to struggle to get few customers. It is, therefore, recommended that you get all poor and negative ratings about your hotel removed with the help of professional online reputation management companies like SynapseInteractive.