Stay healthy and feel good by eating healthy!

Shamit Khemka

Eating healthy helps you stay healthy and feel good. Quite often, in our craze of eating tasty foods, we end up filling our stomachs with unhealthy ingredients. India is a country where countless varieties of cuisines are served throughout the nation.

When we talk about variety in food, we look for rich flavors and experiences for our taste buds. Since the quality of food you choose to eat is immensely important, besides its appearance and taste, foodcloud brings to you a vast range of cakes, sweets, desserts, sea food, and many more varieties of cuisines. Here you can order your favorite cuisine by choosing a chef in your vicinity.

The website features only the most sought after and selected chefs throughout Delhi as well as other states of the country. I am proud to be a gourmet and believe that one who loves food lives life happily. When your stomach is happy, your body becomes active and mind works sharply.

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Religiousness is not a matter of age, it’s a matter of choice!

shamit khemka

There is no age for being religious and religiousness is a virtue that gives you more than you expect from life. Above all; it fills your life with a divine, renewed energy and positivity. Being religious means having full faith in God and leaving all on the almighty. And, when you start trusting God completely, your confidence in doing anything increases naturally.

You start feeling a strong support around and that adds to your courage. Being religious helps you become disciplined as well. When you start involving in religious activities, a positive energy enters inside and helps you do many things with immense ease and great discipline. I’ve visited various temples, all the Jyotirlings, most of the Shakti Peeths, and the great Char Dhams.

Being on various pilgrimages, I felt a renewed self as if something really positive and decent had entered inside my body, mind and soul. Life isn’t all about fun! Let’s take some out to thank and praise the almighty!

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Pamper yourself by traveling to different places!

Shamit khemka

Pamper yourself with the goodness of life! Travel and explore the world beyond your small horizon! Yes, as you start traveling from one place to another, you will emerge as a more confident, youthful and energetic person.

Traveling does make all the difference to how you look at various challenges and circumstances of life.It also gives you an opportunity to enhance your learning and become a more informed and competent person. As a traveler, I believe, going to different places at least once every year, helps improve your overall personality as well.

There is so much to learn and explore in the world and traveling gives you ample of opportunities to that without fear or stress. Let the traveler in you wake up and embark on a journey to the place that you have been thinking about for long.

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Be meticulous in whatever you do and results will be great for sure!

Shamit khemkaThe only way to ensure success in any business or profession is to make sure you do it with meticulous attention to detail. When you pay attention to the smallest detail while doing any work, it becomes easier to deliver desired results and output.

You may seek the expert guidance and consulting from those who specialize in your field as this will help you learn about the various challenges that may come. Besides this, consulting the experts will also help you in overcoming these challenges and ensuring success in your chosen field of work. While expert guidance will help you decide on the right methodology to work, your meticulousness will take you far ahead in career as well as in life.

Remember, paying attention to details while working is good for you in more than one way. First, you are able to finish your work without fault. Second, your clients like the quality of output that you deliver. As a result, your chances of success naturally increase.

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Empower yourself with knowledge to stay ahead in competition

Shamit Khemka - increase your knowledge
Competition is high and it will get fierce day by day. I want success but it plays hide and seek with me! How will I get ahead of my competitors? Is this what you are feeling right now? If the answer is yes, then there is one thing that you must start doing without wasting further time.
Start enhancing your knowledge about things/ topics/ subjects in which you feel weak and less confident. I can guarantee your confidence levels will increase when you start gaining more knowledge. Learn and focus on gathering more knowledge of  your chosen field of work/ subject as soon as you can. Knowledge opens the mind and ability to think better than others. When you start thinking different and out of the box, you will leave all your competitors far behind. Do not waste your time worrying or thinking about your growth! Just start learning more and empower your self with knowledge.
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Conducive environment at workplace keeps employees motivated


Positive and conducive environment at workplace keeps the employees self motivated to deliver great results. I believe, the surroundings have a huge impact on human mind. We spend almost the entire day at our workplace.

Hence, the impact of our workplace is immense on our psychology as well as on our way of working. The environment that we get there can make a big difference to our productivity at workplace and, in fact, our overall personality in the longer run. This is why; I strongly recommend positivity at workplaces by all means.

It is for this reason that the entire building of SynapseIndia is equipped with elements that bring positivity in and throw all negativity out. Organizing various events such as quizzes and recreational games is also a nice way to break monotony at workplace.

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Be meticulous to think out of the box!

Shamit Khemka : Think out of the box

I believe that being meticulous is the most important step towards thinking out of the box. When you are meticulous and pay attention to the minutest of detail pertaining to an issue or matter, you will come up with solutions that are completely out of the box.

Now what does it mean by thinking out of the box? To understand this, you must first learn about what “thinking inside the box is” and how you can come out of that imaginary box.

The box here refers to the conventional frame of mind that we all have towards any issue, problem or situation. When we think of solutions that are already present inside the box, we become just like everyone else. But, when we start thinking unconventional i.e. out of the box, innovative and unique solutions emerge.

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FoodCloud- Happiness is Homemade

Shamit Khemka FoodCloud

Foodcloud, an online portal that connects food lovers with home chefs.  Shamit Khemka co-founded FoodCloud for ordering home-made food. It is an online portal that provides you the option of ordering home-cooked food made by home chefs.

Shamit Khemka is well known entrepreneur as well as chef. He is also a well known name in global IT arena and has been associated with many technical forums and groups.

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FoodCloud- Passionate chefs are becoming homepreneurs

Shamit Khemka foodcloud

FoodCloud, an Online portal, connect foodies to Chefs who make delicious home-cooked food. It is the best place for those who want to experience the great authentic food that is not available in restaurants.

With the growing demand for home-cooked food, FoodCloud has become an Online marketplace for home Chefs and caterers who can serve authentic mouth watering food to people. It enables home chefs to become homepreneurs.

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FoodCloud- Providing Home Cooked Food made with Love

Shamit Khemka foodcloud

FoodCloud is an online portal that connects foodies with home chefs. It is considered as one of the best place for you to find and order delicious home-cooked food. Anyone can choose from a variety of cuisines get delivered to your doorstep.

I applaud the Government’s interest in Start Ups as FoodCloud inducted into the “Start Up India Programme” and hope to use this recognition to build the company to great heights.

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