Revisiting achievements on Foundation Day every year

Shamit Khemka

Celebrating success at SynapseIndia is no less than a festive moment for all employees. Every year, during the month of February, all the team members are taken out of the office to celebrate the company’s Foundation Day. From observing the achievements made by the employees to the marksmanship attained by delivering quality projects to clients, this day hosts all. Moreover, the entertaining events organized during this day always give the much-needed break to the employees.

The Foundation Day of SynapseIndia is celebrated during the month of February every year and this day is yet another reason for the employees to observe the spirit of hard works and accomplishment. Planned as a family trip, all the staff members are taken to top-notch property, like hotels, resorts, etc. Apart from awarding the employees, we also present them with cool gifts such as tablets. Making it big every year, we stand together to strive the common goal of having 100 percent satisfied clients.

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Invest in AI, Big Data & Cloud Computing for a better tomorrow

Shamit Khemka

Always ardent towards working in emerging technologies, SynapseIndia has been a serious advocate of Big Data, AI, and Cloud Computing. Commencing its operations in 2000, our investment in such technologies have only transcended. An investment in these emerging technologies can lead to the opening of profitable opportunities. Moreover, a systematic planning is what we are doing before investing in them. In an effort to grow with these, our development experts always stay updated with the related to the trends in these technologies discussed below –

Trends in Big Data –

1. The Big Data space is dominated by open source applications like Spark, Apache Hadoop and others.

2. Another trend, IoT, has a sizable impact on big data.

Trends in AI –

1. Deep learning theory

2. Capsule networks

3. Digital twin

4. Hybrid learning models

Trends in Cloud Computing –

1. Growth in cloud solutions & services

2. Cloud to Cloud and Cloud to On-Premise Connectivity

3. Cloud Storage and its Multi-Faceted Usage

4. Cloud Security Vulnerabilities

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SynapseIndia is a Google Partner – A Relationship With Google

Shamit Khemka

SynapseIndia has maintained a close association with Google through the Google Partner program created by the latter. We, at SynapseIndia, have seen dramatic changed in terms of reputation as a software vendor. SynapseIndia experienced a remarkable rise in its recognition among leading brands across the world. We also found our trustworthiness increased due to the Google Partner badge.

In addition to these, the partnership provides us access to Google’s beta features and enables testing of the features before their availability to general users. We consistently take a number of measures to ensures that the Google Partner status maintained effectively. The development team ensures that all the projects are carried out only by Google certified professionals. SynapseIndia spends a substantial amount of money as ad revenue to fulfill the ad revenue criteria set by Google. Our clients, too, have substantially benefitted from this partnership status. They receive world-class services and solutions that are authenticated by a technology titan.

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Use the Power of Big Data to Increase Service Quality & Market Share

Shamit Khemka

In order to grow in a ruthlessly competitive market, businesses should collect, analyze and act effectively on consumer data to improve marketing and sales strategy. The inclusion of big data can, in fact, entirely change the way you market products and services. It can also help improve the quality of service and introduce customization according to the specific needs of customers.

Marketers can start by creating a team of big data experts, data analysts, and branding experts. Before applying big data on a full scale, business leaders and managers should understand the data and its implications in detail. Marketers need more in-depth, and specific understanding of big data while realizing the potential pitfalls as well. The entire process of deploying big data in a business can be made drastically easier by acquiring big data and analytics services from a reliable provider. Such companies help businesses meet the end goals of using big data. Goals like higher profit, brand recognition, and a rise in market share can be easily achieved with the help of a right service partner.

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Offshore Outsourcing for Unprecedented Benefits – Choose SynapseIndia

Shamit Khemka

By outsourcing your IT services to an offshore company, you can get numerous advantages in terms of both cost management and service quality. This becomes especially crucial if your business/company is based in developed markets like the USA, UK, and Australia. SynapseIndia, one of the best IT offshore outsourcing companies, has been catering to a large number of clients across the world.

We, at SynapseIndia, thrive to offer the best IT and software services to our clients. Whether it’s a small business, a startup, or a leading corporation, we serve all of them alike – with world-class services. The company has a team of highly experienced software developers and industry experts who carry out a thorough analysis of the client’s business and its objectives. They then design products and services that meet every single need of the business efficiently. A staggering number of businesses in the USA and UK have dramatically benefitted by combining offshoring and outsourcing. So, what you’re waiting for? Outsource the services you’ve planned to improve and see the unprecedented benefits coming.

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Skills to kick – start your career as an IoT developer

Shamit Khemka

In the coming few years, Internet of Things will be the next big thing. Tremendously increasing in this modern day world, IoT is created from a combination of microsensors and microprocessors. For me IoT is no less than a future technology and to develop a system for the same, one must have necessary IoT skills.

IoT skills (not limited to) needed by a developer are as follows –

A good technical and architecture knowledge opens a wide scope for developers in Internet of Things.

An ideal IoT developer must have a strong understanding of software architecture so as to be the backbone for all big data needs.

One must have proper knowledge of how to render support to the products from the initial concept.

Sensor data analysis and data center management knowledge is another skill that an IoT developer should have.

If you have proper skills of writing codes in various programming languages then it is a perfect add-on.

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Internet of Things, a technology of tomorrow

Shamit Khemka

The world is approaching a new technology with every passing second. Since 2000, the year SynapseIndia started its operations, I have witnessed many technologies. Out of the many, the Internet of Things is the biggest talk of the town.

IoT, a technology that will continue to dominate in the future, is a system of interrelated devices, digital machines, people and objects. Each of these is provided with unique identifiers along with the ability to transfer the data. All of this happens over a network under no human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

In the simplest terms, the Internet of Things can be described as a powerful system of four distinct components: connectivity, sensors/devices, data processing, and a user interface. The devices/sensors in this system establish connectivity with the cloud via internet and once the data reaches the cloud, it is processed by the software to finally decide on what action to perform.

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Empowering Eternal Hindu Foundation digitally as a mentor

It is an immense pleasure to announce that I have been chosen as a mentor by Eternal Hindu Foundation. Being an ardent supporter of “Shashwat Bharatam” – a social initiative by the foundation – I will impart digital education to the Digital & Technical team of the foundation. Having worked for 24 years in the IT field and running a tech giant – SynapseIndia – since 2000, I will use my skill and experience to help the foundation grow digitally.

Eternal Hindu Foundation is a social venture which aims at spreading the awareness of “Sanatana Dharma” among the Indians of all age group. The key idea of the foundation lies in energizing and inspiring the youth towards the four prime pillars of their purpose – Swabhiman, Parakram, Parishram and Samriddhi. It is a known fact that social media has a very good influence over the young generation. Ergo, to impart the education of Hinduism and its elements, the foundation has structured various online and physical programs such as Shashwat Devalay and Shashwat Bharatam.

The collective aim of all the programs rests at achieving the motto of the foundation – Hindu Resurgence. In an effort to empower the same, I will mentor the team of the foundation, thus, helping them to spread the awareness. As a mentor for their Digital and Technical team, my only objective would be to take the foundation to new heights of digitalization.

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Cloud Computing – Limitless Benefits for Businesses!

Shamit Khemka

Cloud computing can be simply defined as a set of computing services comprising elements like servers, storage, databases and networking that are available on the Internet – “the cloud.” Cloud computing has become widely popular with subscription-based models like software-as-a-service (SaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Usually, one pays only for the cloud services he/she uses, making it highly cost-effective for every user. The cloud technology enables businesses to use their infrastructure more efficiently while reducing operating costs.

Additionally, by adopting cloud computing, a business can reap a number of long-term benefits. The cloud offers enormous flexibility to a business with its unmatched speed. It improves the scalability of an operating process by allowing to deliver the right amount of resources for gaining measurable outcomes. Moreover, cloud services, offered through a network of data centers across the work, can take the performance and efficiency of a business to new heights. These are some of the major factors which lately compelled businesses to consider o deploy cloud computing in their business.

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Hire an ecommerce development company that has a good track record

Shamit Khemka

Having an online store is a big thing but ensuring its success is a challenge. Much of the credit for the success or failure of any ecommerce website goes to its design and performance. Remember, if an ecommerce website does not look and feel good or if it fails to perform as per the expectations of your targeted audiences, then, it may not get you desired ROI.

That is why; it is highly recommended that you hire a trusted ecommerce development company with a good track record. SynapseIndia is one such organization that has earned goodwill and confidence among its global clients by continuously delivering outstanding and highly engaging ecommerce solutions. The company is a Shopify partner and has other certifications including WooCommerce partner, BigCommerce, and, therefore, it can be counted on for all your ecommerce development needs

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