SynapseIndia is a Google Partner – A Relationship With Google

Shamit Khemka

SynapseIndia has maintained a close association with Google through the Google Partner program created by the latter. We, at SynapseIndia, have seen dramatic changed in terms of reputation as a software vendor. SynapseIndia experienced a remarkable rise in its recognition among leading brands across the world. We also found our trustworthiness increased due to the Google Partner badge.

In addition to these, the partnership provides us access to Google’s beta features and enables testing of the features before their availability to general users. We consistently take a number of measures to ensures that the Google Partner status maintained effectively. The development team ensures that all the projects are carried out only by Google certified professionals. SynapseIndia spends a substantial amount of money as ad revenue to fulfill the ad revenue criteria set by Google. Our clients, too, have substantially benefitted from this partnership status. They receive world-class services and solutions that are authenticated by a technology titan.

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