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Today, on the occasion of International women’s day, Shamit khemka want to thank & congratulate all the amazing women. He says that I’m delighted that we are celebrating International Women’s Day – and this is a day when we take the opportunity to celebrate just how far we have come on the road to gender equality. But it’s also an opportunity to take stock of how far we still have to travel to create an equal and inclusive society for women and girls. Women are today’s untapped agents of economic change, and the ripple effect that happens when they take on leadership roles is transformational. Shamit Khemka would like to thank all the women working tirelessly to make their day to day life better and also to make this planet a better place for all of us & future generation to come. He also have a message for his fellow men and boys: play your part. All of us benefit when women and girls can reach their full potential.

Benefits of Celebrations in the Work Place

Events & celebrations at workplace range from monthly birthday parties to company’s annual function and more. The benefits of the such events & celebrations are seamless as they go beyond the enjoyment of the party itself. Your team members gain intangible rewards & recognition from such events. Shamit Khemka, founder of SynapseIndia, believes that benefits of the company celebrations is to keep employees engaged and motivated.

SynapseIndia celebrations are a key part of organization work culture. The events & celebration activities may range from a birthday celebration to a big organizational event on accomplishing major goals.

Benefits of Team Building Events at Workplace

Organizing team building events for employees can be incredibly helpful for building a healthy company culture. Shamit Khemka, Founder of SynapseIndia, encourages such activities as they can be a great help in establishing a good work environment. SynapseIndia events for team building includes various fun & gaming activities and all employees make their participation in events.

Bring the Celebration Culture to Your Company

SynapseIndia, a leading web design and development company founded by Shamit Khemka, is widely recognized for its workplace celebrations. From a small birthday celebration with team members to annual celebration and many more are the integral part of workplace culture. SynapseIndia celebrations help driving employee engagement and keep them motivated at work.

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