Shamit Khemka talks about importance of Linkedin Account for Professionals

If you’re on LinkedIn, you’re a member of the world’s largest business networking website for professionals. With over two hundred million individuals in LinkedIn, you can make out ways in building relationships with the correct individuals in order to carve your IT career in the right direction.

SynapseIndia C.E.O Shamit Khemka understands the value of network for business and he mentioned, the first thing you need to do is to decide who you want to engage with: prospective shoppers, your next leader, strategic business partners or professionals in your trade!

However, to save you a few efforts, we are jotting down few tips that can help you to churn out the best from LinkedIn, and go ahead to the right direction with your IT career:

Shamit Khemka enlists Importance of First Impression

LinkedIn does’nt give you enough chance to introduce yourself. Reason being, it comes with a text field where you can add only 120 characters. So it is onvious that you need to make the most of it; so in here, make the readers aware of:

  • Your role
  • The level at which you work
  • Your industry sector
  • The value you add to your organization

When you are connecting with a bunch of professionals and wish to spread your sphere, then it’s best to introduce you rightway and make them aware of what you are, and what you do. Experts say that it’s always better to spend a little more time in sqeezing more information in limited space so that you can spread concrete message in the best possible ways.

The space for introducing yourself may be less, but LinkedIn does provide you a space called “Summary”, where you can talk about yourself as ,uch as possible. But, don’t beat around the bush, keep it crisp, talk about your experiences and achievements – all-in-all – make the most out of it.

Using the best suited keywords:

Giving a thought to the keywords is important before you start writing a summary and your KRA. Shamit Khemka explains the keyword utilization for the profile as once you begin writing your outline and also the info regarding your career, your company and your work;deem the key words you plan to use as you write your profile. you may use these words within the job title fields, in project headings, in your list of skills and experience and within the text that you just write – rather like once you’re writing an web page.

Use Updates Effectively:

Our suggestion will be to have an excellent profile and an amazing company page, you won’t have interaction with enough of the proper individuals on LinkedIn, if you anticipate them to search out you. What you would like to try to to is to post updates that may be of interest to your chosen audience.

Don’t merely post a link to the most recent article in an exceedingly newspaper or different authoritative supply. Write one thing regarding the update. supply associate degree opinion regarding why it’s vital. raise a matter. justify why you’re taking the position you’re taking in your diary post. create the article a part of your communication. Don’t simply repost one thing you have got browse elsewhere.

How to engage with related professionals

“Don’t stop there. Use the “like” perform and also the “comment” perform to point out you listen to the updates of individuals in your community. Share relevant content on your profile and within the teams to that you belong” also an added advantage in Linkedin as suggested by Shamit Khemka.

Being the Managing Director of the company, Shamit Khemka understand the importance of Linkedin Professional network and even motivates the employees of the company to join the network to increase the company profile viewership and get more social presence for the company.

Again, create some extent along with your update. Show that you simply area unit a remarkable person with well-thought-out opinions that area unit price being attentive to. Don’t simply take part the speech. Start one, and since you’re on LinkedIn, create it a purposeful speech.

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