Shamit Khemka talks about Software development Companies in India: Excellence is Just Getting Better

The year 2015 will witness 3.3 million US jobs and $136 billion in the form of salary sail to outsourcing hubs like India, China and Russia as per Forrester Research.

What More in store for 2015?

According to major Industry experts the per hour rate for high-quality offshore support would cost somewhat is the range of $24 to $30 by 2015. Also, according to Information Week back in 2012 itself Asia had a share of 28% in companies outsourcing preference region. This has grown exponentially over the year and with the rise of popularity in mobile app development sector, much more leverage has been added to the outsourcing market.

It is estimated by 2015 that the CAGR, i.e. Compound Annual Growth Rate of App development industry would be 158%, with revenue of $100.1 billion according to research2guidance in comparison to $10 billion of 2010.

Factors that can help you Pin-Point the best company as Your Partner :

Being inside the loop of any project does not offer you with any troubleshooting opportunity and so it’s always wise to cover all the major points which might lead to such unwanted situations. In various sectors like delivering Magento based e-Commerce solution to cross-platform all development India has been considered as first choice for quite some time, but one major thing that should be considered here is that not all of the companies are really up for the job.

There are quite chunks of the population who just over promise and deliver less. Now the question is how to mark those as in most of the cases it has been seen that their online reputation management is finely tuned with a loyal fan following. The prime points that that can be considered with a fine name comprises of major operational perks and technical benefits. In this write up some of the major points are discussed to keep an eye over taking into realm which parts might be favored and which to be avoided.

We know it all:

The moment you hear someone saying you this, carefully avoid them. No one can be master of everything and this is totally true for the software development part. Some are experts of framework, some apps and some for the coding part. You need to make sure connecting with someone who says I know these set exclusively and have been delivering the services of related with these only for many years.

Payment will be milestone wise:

Now this one is a tricky chapter as most of the software developing companies initiates the project based on milestones from the very outset and as per that delivery and collect charges. Make it very much clear that if in any stage the delivery is not done properly you are not bound to pay the next milestone amount on decided time. With a genuine name you will get this flexibility as they with their proved delivery channel makes sure to maintain quality deliverance all the time.

Wise use of ‘free’ power tools:

A reputed firm delivering software development in outsourcing hub like India will share with you power of many free plug-ins or extensions that can be used to maximize the output instead of paid options all the time. This saves quite a fortune for you.

Hope a grab of the above knowledge can ensure one of the very best in the business to be beside you.

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