Shamit Khemka: Influence of EO on my leadership style

Shamit Khemka

EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) has greatly influenced my style of management and leadership. EO is an excellent platform for entrepreneurs where they can connect with an international community of entrepreneurs. I believe it is the best platform for thriving and budding entrepreneurs who are ambitious about making it big in the global business panorama.

Undoubtedly, the role of an entrepreneur is a tough one with hurdles popping out every now and then in the guise of difficult customers, sales and, even, employees. It takes a sharp and quick mind to overcome the challenges, while making the most of the opportunities. Participating in various EO events, discussions and meetings with other like minded, smart and intelligent entrepreneurs has definitely influenced my attitude and leadership style.

Listening to the valuable thoughts & success stories of brilliant members of EO inspired me to start joint ventures named in year 2012 and CSIPL – Cross Section Interactive Private Limited in 2013. The positive and encouraging discussions during various EO events encouraged me to expand the development centers of SynapseIndia from just 1, a few years ago, to 4 centers in Noida, India.

It’s an honor for me to be associated with local & regional boards of EO since 2007. My experience as EO Regional Director, South Asia (2014 – 2016) further honed my leadership qualities. Giving away the EO superstar award to the EO president (Gujarat chapter) during the EO RIE event and then receiving a standing ovation from fellow EO members for my contribution to the EO were among the most memorable moments for me.

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