Empowering Eternal Hindu Foundation digitally as a mentor

It is an immense pleasure to announce that I have been chosen as a mentor by Eternal Hindu Foundation. Being an ardent supporter of “Shashwat Bharatam” – a social initiative by the foundation – I will impart digital education to the Digital & Technical team of the foundation. Having worked for 24 years in the IT field and running a tech giant – SynapseIndia – since 2000, I will use my skill and experience to help the foundation grow digitally.

Eternal Hindu Foundation is a social venture which aims at spreading the awareness of “Sanatana Dharma” among the Indians of all age group. The key idea of the foundation lies in energizing and inspiring the youth towards the four prime pillars of their purpose – Swabhiman, Parakram, Parishram and Samriddhi. It is a known fact that social media has a very good influence over the young generation. Ergo, to impart the education of Hinduism and its elements, the foundation has structured various online and physical programs such as Shashwat Devalay and Shashwat Bharatam.

The collective aim of all the programs rests at achieving the motto of the foundation – Hindu Resurgence. In an effort to empower the same, I will mentor the team of the foundation, thus, helping them to spread the awareness. As a mentor for their Digital and Technical team, my only objective would be to take the foundation to new heights of digitalization.

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