Shamit Khemka discuss about SEO Strategies in 2015 : The Shifts that Google’s Secure Search Brought for Us

Shamit Khemka

Shamit Khemka

What a great year 2014 was for SEO! As much as 650 algorithm changes – took the search industry on storm – brought some bad news for many – yet provided great clarity for others. The way we used to handle SEO has just changed for good, but not in a way that will make all of us happy. Having said that, we thought of discussing a few shift that SEO supposedly brought for the current year; and let’s start with Google’s Secure Search here.

What is Secure Search?

One of the major changes that SEO saw in recent past in Google’s Secure Search. According to this, now all the searches are to be done through HTTPS and Google will no longer pass keyword search data to websites. This change was so big that many failed to adapt it; while the smarter one took took a giant innovative leap and are making most out of it.

What is the New Secure Search Manifesto for 2015?

Now that Secure Search had made its way to the SEO, we need to buckle up with new strategies and new outlook to this whole new set-up. To understand the new Secure Search manifesto of 2014, we are putting together few key truths about the phenomenon, which can work as a guide for you to finalize a workable SEO strategy.

1. Want the Truth about about Your SEO? Believe Analytics

The optimization efforts needs to shift to page level facilitating the measuring of real business metrics. This shift also need affirmation that you are measuring your traffic, conversions, and revenue. To put it into simple words, one has to make pages the center of their SEO world and pull data from page level through Analytics. Try and understand the changes Secure Search brought to your traffic, conversions, and revenue; and plan your strategies accordingly.

2. Ranking will Always Matter

The overall practices that sum-up SEO might have changed upside down, but the its soul remains the same – Rank was the prime motive then, and it is still the same. Only the parameters of ranking have changed to social, mobile, global, and local. The focus needs to be given on rise and drops in traffic and not focusing on generic rank reports. And it is also advisable to measure rank and performance by device type. This needs no mentioning that the results are drastically different from desktop to tablets or phones.

3. Content is Still the King

Content is always of prime importance to SEO. But as we are discussing the strategies to be taken this year, so this needs to be mentioned that the content that you aspire to devise this year, needs to be done the “Hummingbird” way. According to the hummingbird update, Google is now moved on from “Keyword search” to “Conversational search”. Meaning, Google responds to whole statements and questions in a way similar to how a human being would by looking at the query as a whole, and not segmenting its keywords. Now you know how to represent your content, and what to expect from it.

To conclude we can say that the key elements that we need to keep our focus on, to run our SEO strategies are: Social, Analytics, Marketing and Content.

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