Self awareness is immensely important!

Shamit Khemka

Shamit Khemka believes in prioritizing tasks before you begin your daily work or commence a new project. Prioritizing saves you from last moment confusions and worries. By preparing a list of priorities, making a plan accordingly, and working on the plan throughout the day, you will be able to finish the important tasks early in the day and the leftover time can, then, be used for attending the tasks that are relatively less important. Set your priorities by bearing in mind the level of importance of each task that you need to attend during the course of the day.

Also, it is important that you never forget your bigger objectives and goals and set your priorities accordingly! The best way to do so is list all tasks that you will have to do during the day, add A,B,C before each task where A is for most important, B for relatively less important tasks or tasks that can be postponed, and C for tasks that need not that much attention immediately!

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About Shamit Khemka

The evolving and interesting world around is resplendent with varieties. While performing my professional rites or travelling to places with near and dear ones, there are many things that interest me and make me desirous of sharing with you. This space would highlight and inform you about everything that I have come across recently – be it during a reading, travelling, or during an in-house meeting. For your convenience, I have segregated them under the heads of Art, Books, Music and Technology. Wish you happy reading!
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