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Business Basics of Online Reputation Management

Perception matters a lot in today’s business world. Negative reputation can turn out the kiss of death for any business or brand. This is why online reputation management has become so critical for businesses these days.

But the question is how can companies or businesses protect their online reputation? So, here are some strategies that companies can implement:

1. Automate your monitoring.

The very first step is to setup monitoring for your business or brand. You can set alerts from Google or Bing for your brand name, or there are many social media monitoring tools which send you alert for your brand mentions. You’ll get updates in your email inbox whenever your brand is invoked on the Web or social media. This way you keep an accurate and up-to-date assessment of your company’s online image.

2. Offer your customers chances to express.

Regardless of how strenuously you monitor your online brand reputation, your brand might hit with a negative review. One way to avoid this is to provide your customers with more constructive ways to express. Your top class & easily accessible support to your customers can be very helpful in order to avoid any negative reviews from your customers on public forums. On your website you can make use of quick & easy contact form where your customers can directly complaint about an issue.

3 Try to get positive reviews.

Another effective way can be asking clients to leave reviews of your brand or business on review platforms like Yelp, Facebook, Google places, or Play Store in case you have an android application of your brand. Though this will not really stop negative reviews from being published but you can suppress them for sure and minimize the impact of negative reviews with help of positive reviews. Get in touch with your best, most loyal customers and ask them to review your product or services.

4. Respond to negatives.

What action do you take when your online reputation monitoring endeavors find a negative review for your business? Don’t get panic every time you find a negative review. Do not respond in anger or in hurry. You should better plan out the response first.

Your response should always be humble and sincere no matter how inappropriate review one has posted. Also write back to anyone who has a legitimate complaint for your business, try to understand his concern & assure the person that his/her concerns will be taken care.

SynapseIndia is working on various online reputation management (ORM) projects and helped number of businesses in effectively handling the negative reviews and brand management.

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