Internet of Things, a technology of tomorrow

Shamit Khemka

The world is approaching a new technology with every passing second. Since 2000, the year SynapseIndia started its operations, I have witnessed many technologies. Out of the many, the Internet of Things is the biggest talk of the town.

IoT, a technology that will continue to dominate in the future, is a system of interrelated devices, digital machines, people and objects. Each of these is provided with unique identifiers along with the ability to transfer the data. All of this happens over a network under no human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

In the simplest terms, the Internet of Things can be described as a powerful system of four distinct components: connectivity, sensors/devices, data processing, and a user interface. The devices/sensors in this system establish connectivity with the cloud via internet and once the data reaches the cloud, it is processed by the software to finally decide on what action to perform.

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