Be meticulous to think out of the box!

Shamit Khemka : Think out of the box

I believe that being meticulous is the most important step towards thinking out of the box. When you are meticulous and pay attention to the minutest of detail pertaining to an issue or matter, you will come up with solutions that are completely out of the box.

Now what does it mean by thinking out of the box? To understand this, you must first learn about what “thinking inside the box is” and how you can come out of that imaginary box.

The box here refers to the conventional frame of mind that we all have towards any issue, problem or situation. When we think of solutions that are already present inside the box, we become just like everyone else. But, when we start thinking unconventional i.e. out of the box, innovative and unique solutions emerge.

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The evolving and interesting world around is resplendent with varieties. While performing my professional rites or travelling to places with near and dear ones, there are many things that interest me and make me desirous of sharing with you. This space would highlight and inform you about everything that I have come across recently – be it during a reading, travelling, or during an in-house meeting. For your convenience, I have segregated them under the heads of Art, Books, Music and Technology. Wish you happy reading!
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